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junk yards Indianapolis   junk yards Indianapolis

Junk Yards Indianapolis will pay you top dollar for your junk car or truck.

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When you need cash for junk cars that are sitting in your driveway, we can help. No matter its condition, we pay top dollar cash for junk cars Indianapolis, and we’ll even tow it off your property—sometimes we can even work with you if you don't have the title.  We are actually an auto recycler that deals with several junk yards and car dealers in the Indianapolis area.  What sets us aside from any other junk yards?  We don't just crush junk cars.  We actually recycle your old junk cars.  What does this mean?  Many times your old car can be fixed and put back on the street.  If this is feasible, this is what we do with your old car.  If we do find that your old car is just a junk car, then we sell parts off of your old car by setting it in the junk yard for several weeks and using the good parts.  Then we remove all of the cores and crush the rest and recycle the metal.  Call us before you call any other junk yards in the Indianapolis area.

We are the premier junk yard in the Indianapolis area!

How this works!
1) You call us or fill out an online form and we give you an estimated quote on what we can pay you for your running or junk car.  Then if you want, we send out a representative to make you a cash offer for your car or truck.
2) The representative will show up at your convenience.  He/she will then examine your car to determine what is the best route to go with your car.  This is how we can usually offer you more money than other junk yards or car scrappers.
3) The rep will make you a cash offer for your car.  If you accept the offer, then our rep will pay you cash, you will give them the title and we will tow off your car or truck free.  We keep the  whole process simple and painless (if you don't have the title, let us know up front and we can still usually work with you.)

The whole process really is that painless and simple. 

We always pay you cash for your junk cars.
We always tow your junk car for free.

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